My Guru

We all have them, don’t we?  Those people without whom we would be lost in this technological world.  Mine is William Byers, and today Gail and I treated him to lunch because that is what students who attend the University of William Byers do.

In the last post I showed you my HD Kodak Zi6.  I’ve been fooling with it for a cool three weeks.  William gets a hold of it for three minutes and taught me some things I did not know:

1) It is not as good in low light as it is outdoors, but it still can be pretty decent.  There is a light meter within and if conditions are right, it will light up your subject’s face in a darkened room!  (Light cannot be behind your subject, though.)

2). Now that I have this smallish camera I no longer feel like lugging my big camera bag unless it is to a major shoot.  I knew the Zi6 was not good in low light, so last year I purchased a little light that sits on the shoe of my video camera (William knows the name but I can never remember).  William showed me how to take that same little light and screw it into this table top tripod I had purchased for the lil Kodak.  That frees me up to interview someone without holding the light and the video unit. Sweet!  Inexpensive but effective.

By the way, I purchased the little tripod, carrying case and cleaning kit (it came together) from Fry’s for 9.99.  The tripod even has a swivel head! I put my Zi6 in there and I am good to go, hands free ready to capture the world! When I have time I will post pictures, but right now, Papi’s waiting. ; )

Night all,


PS:  Until next time check out my guru’s work:

PPS: Here is a clip from Renaissance Performing at Ayoluwa and Roland Betts’ 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.
With the Zi6 all you do is plug it into your computer’s USB Port and with the software that comes with it there is one button that says “Upload to You Tube.” It will say “the video is too large, do you want to compress?”, and you say “Yes.” in a few minutes later you are posted. Piece of cake.

Pictured above: The light, the Zi6 and the case

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Until then, I received a Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Recorder from my Husband for Christmas.  It is no bigger than his iPhone. This is not true HD because I rendered it as an MPG.  Will learn all that HD stuff from my guru in the new year.