Producing Your Podcast/Webcast

Each computer is different, so what I recommend here will vary.

We begin assuming that you now have something to talk about and you have recorded your podcast.

1.  Audio:  If you have CLEAN AUDIO, and NO SKILLS, download the free software called Audacity.  Otherwise, use whatever software your computer has.  I use Vegas, Sound Studio and a host of others.

2.  With a little practice you can get the hang of editing off parts you messed up, or editing out boring parts.

3.  Be sure and place the mic in front of your interviewee and you won mouth and do not pop any P's.

4. To be professional do a little intro and outro:  Need someone else's voice and a music bed.  (Can't use music without permission.  If you are a musician that is half the battle.

5. Save as an MP3 or WAV file.

6. (Publish/upload) to your host (may be free or most likely paid)

7.  Go to iTunes and sign up for an account and add each episode.

8.  Work around: You can upload to You Tube with a graphic/photo dragged the entire length of the audio track.  


1.  The same process, except you use video editing software.  Many people use Windows Movie Maker, r Mac's iMovie, but a good one to buy is Sony Vegas Movie Studio if you are not trying to be the next Spike Lee.

Simple, easy to use and under $200.

2.  Use a computer with updated hardware, software and a lot of space, or a hard drive fast enough to handle video because you will need to import photos, music, images, flash and fonts!

3.  You will learn about titles, music beds, transitions and other tricks of the trade.

4.  Export the finished product  as an MP4 and upload to your podcast host, You Tube, Facebook or whatever site you vibe well with!
5.  Don't forget the credits and the tags!

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