What CBO Heads Need to Know About Tech

Notes from What We Talked About at Sisters at Eight! (Jan 8, 2010)

Aren’t these colors stunning? These flowers were captured by photographer Leroy Hamilton, who emailed it to his friends (which is how I got it.) I used it to show you how this blog that I do – isidragadget.wordpress.com – responds to the colors in the photo. Click the big arrows to see older posts of various colors to see what I mean. I wish I could take credit, but it is a mere template and you can make one, too. If you are not blogging for your business or organization, you should be!

I purposely did not give you my business card. My Blog is my business card. I purposely did not waste paper and print out all these links and things I will be announcing today. Links on paper are dead. On the Internet, they are live! Click through! This page will always be right here and if you bookmark this page you can refer to it for years to come. It is the state of the art. THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

By the way, there are more stunning photographs by Mr. Hamilton. Check him out at http://www.photographybyhamilton.com
Thanks for your participation today. Or, if you missed it totally, here are my notes of what was talked about:


Write your budget for these things:

Media coordinator: Make sure they are visual and Internet Savvy–Image based.
Graphic Designer

Advertising Budget

Video on Your Website:
William Byers: www.explorerstudios.com
(714) 693-9150

Now that you bought that camera for the office:
Use it and keep it charged. But for your big events, call the pros: Michael Riddick (323) 757-0340 or Leroy Hamilton (323) 294-9864.

Wonderful Photo Books: These are a great way to preserve your corporate history. Great for Sponsors

Make your own with a few clicks:
Click the photo book in iPhoto ’09 (Mac)

Store the Photos:


Stores Video
Also: http://www.exposureroom.com

Stock footage: www.istockphoto.com

Printer: Eric Johnson, L.A. Business Printing Phone: (310) 649-5855, Fax: (310) 649-6164
eMail: labusprint@yahoo.com

Free Sites If You Are Cash Strapped:
10000words.net/tools Mark Luckie

Graphic Design: Rene Washington (323) 292-8302

Video for your website:

Skype: www.Skype.com Free computer to computer–minimal fees for computer to phone

Social Networking:
Stop Begging. Start Informing. That way when your big events roll around, people are indebted.
My niece
My graphic designer

Your Cell Phone: Black Berry or iPhone

Are you blogging?

http://www.vox.com You can set up a blog in 15 minutes!

My contact:
Isidra Person-Lynn
(213) 422-8707


Isidra Person-Lynn, who earned her Masters in Journalism from USC, serves as the Media Director for Johnson Products Company, Inc. She is also experienced with Internet management, social networking, video production, photography and publishing. She teaches digital media to young people. You may remember her from her newscasts on KACE FM(Talk Show: Sunday Morning Live) or KJLH (Sitting in for Jacquie Stephens on L.A. Speaks Out.) This New Jersey native and her husband, Kwaku Person-Lynn, have five sons and two grandchildren.

PS: Posting video to your site is easy, too! Go to the clip on http://www.YouTube.com. Look to the right. Click “embed”. Right click and copy the code. Then go to your blog and paste it in. If that doesn’t work, look for a “code” or “embed” button and click it. When it opens paste the code there. Click “update post” and Voila! Your video is there! Aren’t these kids cute? (Steps will vary per blog. Click “Help” if you get stuck.


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