This is the new iPad. Are you going to get one?

The new Apple iPad! Available in May.

This is the new iPad.  Check it out in the video at  Or view the tech blogs:,,

For photographers, check out this opinion:

These are my notes while listening to the live feed:

Comes with iBook (competition for the Kindle) included

New feature: iBooks that is taking on the Kindle!

Cost:  $999 …NO $499-up to 899! (Depending upon your usage level.)

Monthly:  $29.99 unlimited.

or 14.99 (25 mb)

No contract!

Battery life:  10 hours!

Apps from iPhone play on it!

Touch screen.  Same size as Kindle.

How do you protect the screen?  Carry it?

Does it have a built in camera? No.  But there are add-ons.  He had to keep the price low SOMEHOW.

Available in May…I WANT ONE for the Keyboard alone!!

Do you?


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