Don’t Believe the Hype: The iPhone 4 is a Great Companion

It’s Sept. 27, 2010 and I have had my iPhone 4 since the day it was released in June. That is long enough for this refugee from Black Berry World to come over, get her feet wet and really review this latest iPhone.  This is how I use it (Sing to the tune of This is How We Do it!”)

In the A.M. I check to see which clients have had needs arise. Barring none, I check Facebook (I actually do a lot of business there.) I check in with my sister who has newly relocated in Florida.  Through her son’s iPhone, she shows me the Atlantic Ocean via Miami Beach. That’s all on WiFi so it is free.  I have Skype so I check in with my son in Germany, right from my iPhone.  My timers remind me of meetings to medications throughout the day.  I lace up my sneakers and go walking in the park.  First I set the pedometer (which uses the iPhone’s motion to count my steps), then I pull up my iPod playlist of walking music.  And I start jamming,  My workouts are like parties because the hard-driving Waka Waka and Waving Flag songs from the South African World Cup make me walk faster and get more out of my time in the sun. If someone calls, I can hear the call or text message alert in my headphones, and I can ignore folks til my phone hours open, and my music starts right back up once the ringing stops!

I see something I want to share on Facebook, so I start the video camera in it (It is really clear!) or take a picture and upload through my 3G or if there is wireless, I use that. I can and have broadcast real time via Ustream events such as my son being sworn in to the bar, right from the iPhone!

I use an arm band to hold it in place as I break into my jog, and sprint to the swings. After a bit of jump-rope to music, I head for the shower, and play my music out loud through the amazingly decent speakers while I lotion up and get dressed.

If I must go somewhere and wait, I can edit video in the phone and upload the various clips I shot through You Tube.  Some watch movies or You tube, but I would rather edit my own. (Here are some if you would like to see!)   If I go to a movie and drop my keys, I have the flashlight app and my iPhone lights up the sticky floor so I can retrieve them.  I really like how my Bing app operates:  we were out yesterday , looking for this Thai place we had not been to in years.  You simply click Bing ‘s microphone and say “Thai Barbecue Express” and it shows you where it is, how far, and if you want –turn by turn directions.

When on vacation I interviewed my husband with its crystal clear voice recorder –for an hour and 45 minutes.  In essence I no longer need my separate video recorder, digital voice recorder, flashlight and other gadgets.  All I need is my iPhone, which slips into my pouch where I carry my ATM cards.

Perhaps one of the best uses for it is reading!  I have downloaded the free Kindle app, which saved me $179 bucks, and I can read whatever I want. (I just read all 90 chapters of Pamela Samuels-Young’s murder mystery: “Buying Time.”) I also downloaded an app for story telling, and my grand-kids sat quietly turning pages by swiping one finger while the book read aloud to them, complete with sound effects and character voices.

So, that is just a little of what my iPhone 4 can do, and THAT is why I call it my great companion.  By the way, we sent off for the bumpers Apple was offering to fix the dropped call issue, so that is not a problem. Also, there is a feature that tells you what percent of power you have left.  I disabled that because it was making me crazy and my phone lasts through the day, no problem,  so, I no longer fear running out of power. So, it was worth the hours we spent online, the camaraderie we experienced, and I highly recommend it!

With All That Said:  there are many phones on the market that can do these things, and other things. My web guru gets all misty-eyed when talking about how his Droid can throw pics to his TV screen or be a remote control.  Maybe mine can do that, but my TV’s are old, so I would never know. Whatever you wind up buying, learn the features.  You may already be able to do all this!