Bank of America now has the new Check Deposit Feature on your SmartPhone!

That is not an ad up there.  It’s a screenshot of a Bank of America site announcing this: The Bank of America website is now offering mobile banking for depositing checks.  And it is so easy!  Just go to your BofA App if you have an account there on your iPhone or other device, go to Deposits and you can now snap the front and back of the check and send it to your account. (Just make sure the check is well lit and is between the four corners on the screen! I always liked that feature on that other bank’s ads with the lion that goes to the bank.  Saves a run to the bank!

Update:  Caveat.  I have a bad habit that when someone hands me a check i stuff it in a purse which renders it useless for this app.  If it does not lay flat and if it is handwritten with a flourish signature that is unreadable, that may be a drawback to the phone’s camera recognizing the check. (Mine looked like hills and valleys and would not lay flat!) And then place the check in an envelope that says Cashed Electronically so you don’t look at it and say “Huh!  A Check I forgot to cash!”  Oh, am I the only one?



They are finally catching on.  Click to read how the conservatives did an end run and beat the Obama Camp at their hashtag game!  A lesson for us all…

Have you ever bought a promoted Tweet?  Had you ever considered it?  In a phone conversation this morning with Photographer Leroy Hamilton, I was told it is important to have your hashtag picked out before your event so you can announce it at the event.  If the event is big enough, BUY IT!


I threw this pic in of Pres. Obama speaking at Hampton University since our son graduated from there.

The New and Improved Twitter

The New and Improved Twitter

It is more challenging to keep up with all the Twitter knockoffs out there, but I have fallen in love with Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and now, more increasingly Twitter. I got the images above from putting “tide” in the search box on Twitter, one of its new changes. This article appears in today’s CNET.

Twitter takes new steps to be even more like Instagram

The microblogging service rolled out a series of new features today that together make it more instantly visual and take it even farther past 140 characters.
With a flurry of new features unveiled this afternoon, Twitter appears to be aiming more than ever at mimicking some of the most visual elements of Instagram and Facebook.

The most interesting new feature is one that adds a palette of “top” photos and videos to search results. So, for example, if you search for “sunrise,” you see a group of photos above the resulting column of tweets, as well as a row of video thumbnails off to the side. Read more at this link:

You have an iPhone 4s or 5. Why aren’t you using SIRI?


It amazes me how many people ask me questions while they are standing there with an iPhone in their hands.  “Ask SIRI,” is my pat answer.  And they get annoyed because they would rather ME look it up.  My husband calls it my new gadget.  But why should I type (and too often have to retype) a reminder to myself (which I inadvertently misspell) when I can tell SIRI to type it perfectly? And on the iPhone keyboard there is a microphone so when you are typing you can stop and just dictate what you want to say mid-sentence   And you don’t have to pay her!   She’ll remind you, schedule appointments, launch programs, answer trivia questions, dial your phone, take dictation and much more. Why again aren’t you using your new digital assistant, your low-key secretary, SIRI?

Once recently when I was attempting to ask SIRI a favor, she chimed in, but my brain wasn’t ready to tell her what I wanted, so I said “I love you”.  And SIRI replied “Isidra, you hardly know me.” I cracked up. Go ahead and tell her the same.  She doesn’t always reply with the same answer. See what she says.

They are thinking of putting SIRI on the desktop/laptop computers.  I welcome that.  Hurry up! Read more here.

My tech guru Terry White wrote a great post 25 New Fun Things to Ask Siri.  Click here to read it. In this post he references another post 25 Things to Ask Siri.  So that is 50 things.  Check him out, but when you go there, plan to scroll (and read) awhile!

Rumor has it…

Rumor has it...

These are the voting machines owned by Hart InterCivic. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney’s son Tagg has invested in the makers of these voting machines. Rumor also has it that he did not invest.
Fact disputes this as a rumor that Tagg is invested but writes this: “We cannot independently confirm Solamere’s statement, since it is a private company investing in another private company. But this much is clear: There is no evidence to disprove the company’s public declaration that it did not invest in Hart InterCivic.

H.I.G. Capital, on the other hand, which does control Hart InterCivic, has clear ties to the Romney campaign — another part of this conspiracy theory. H.I.G. Capital’s cofounder and managing partner, Anthony Tamer, was a partner at Bain & Co., where Romney once served as CEO. Tamer, who is also managing partner of H.I.G. BioVentures, has donated $73,300 to Romney Victory Inc., a joint fundraising committee, and an additional $5,000 to Romney’s presidential campaign committee.”

Now is the time for all good men and women to decide what is probable based on what you do know. That you will have to decide for yourself.