You have an iPhone 4s or 5. Why aren’t you using SIRI?


It amazes me how many people ask me questions while they are standing there with an iPhone in their hands.  “Ask SIRI,” is my pat answer.  And they get annoyed because they would rather ME look it up.  My husband calls it my new gadget.  But why should I type (and too often have to retype) a reminder to myself (which I inadvertently misspell) when I can tell SIRI to type it perfectly? And on the iPhone keyboard there is a microphone so when you are typing you can stop and just dictate what you want to say mid-sentence   And you don’t have to pay her!   She’ll remind you, schedule appointments, launch programs, answer trivia questions, dial your phone, take dictation and much more. Why again aren’t you using your new digital assistant, your low-key secretary, SIRI?

Once recently when I was attempting to ask SIRI a favor, she chimed in, but my brain wasn’t ready to tell her what I wanted, so I said “I love you”.  And SIRI replied “Isidra, you hardly know me.” I cracked up. Go ahead and tell her the same.  She doesn’t always reply with the same answer. See what she says.

They are thinking of putting SIRI on the desktop/laptop computers.  I welcome that.  Hurry up! Read more here.

My tech guru Terry White wrote a great post 25 New Fun Things to Ask Siri.  Click here to read it. In this post he references another post 25 Things to Ask Siri.  So that is 50 things.  Check him out, but when you go there, plan to scroll (and read) awhile!


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