Bank of America now has the new Check Deposit Feature on your SmartPhone!

That is not an ad up there.  It’s a screenshot of a Bank of America site announcing this: The Bank of America website is now offering mobile banking for depositing checks.  And it is so easy!  Just go to your BofA App if you have an account there on your iPhone or other device, go to Deposits and you can now snap the front and back of the check and send it to your account. (Just make sure the check is well lit and is between the four corners on the screen! I always liked that feature on that other bank’s ads with the lion that goes to the bank.  Saves a run to the bank!

Update:  Caveat.  I have a bad habit that when someone hands me a check i stuff it in a purse which renders it useless for this app.  If it does not lay flat and if it is handwritten with a flourish signature that is unreadable, that may be a drawback to the phone’s camera recognizing the check. (Mine looked like hills and valleys and would not lay flat!) And then place the check in an envelope that says Cashed Electronically so you don’t look at it and say “Huh!  A Check I forgot to cash!”  Oh, am I the only one?


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