Terry White is coming to AdobeMax in L.A.!

Who is Terry White?  He is hailed as the Worldwide Design Evangelist for Adobe.  For years, I drove around listening to his Adobe Creative Suite Podcasts, (on my video iPod) where he patiently explains all the bells and whistles of In Design, Photoshop, you name it.  He has consolidated his blogs and website into www.TerryWhite.com. This Detroit native is also a photographer with the coolest studio on the planet.

This is one of a few presentations he will be doing on creating your own app with Adobe Products! https://www.adobe-max.com/scheduler/sessionDetails.do?SESSION_ID=8164

He will be part of the Keynote on Monday at the Nokia. If you are a designer, and you use Adobe, you should be here!

This is the interview I did with him the last time I knew he was in L.A. and CS4 had just come out. I’ve been using his favorite font (then) Myriad Pro ever since!



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