Inspired by the Adobe Max gathering of creatives

What would I do if the creative geniuses at Adobe had never created Photoshop, InDesign or Adobe Acrobat Pro?  These tools are very much a part of my workflow and I am ecstatic that I live in L.A. and this mountain of creativity came to me.

Here is a short, short video I did of my time there.  And wonder of wonders, I heard from Terry White and caught up with him there.  He was putting in work, too, so I did not catch him for an interview.  But you can catch him yourself.  I’ll tell you how in the show notes below the video:

Show Notes copied from YouTube:

“Isidra Person-Lynn, Producer of My World Podcast, revisits her impromptu series of Walking and Talking in L.A.  This visit is to the AbobeMax Convention at the L.A. Convention Center where she caught Terry White’s Adobe Muse seminar and the Brother GraffiTee T-shirt press and a few other sights.  This is not a complete report!     To get more of the news that the Adobe Creative Suite is only online and the new CS is actually CC, as Terry White debuted at Monday’s Keynote, we encourage you to view the replays of the Adobe Keynotes from May 6 and 7, 2013 here:”

Shout out to which won Isidra over from  They gave me 5 free images and with Mother’s Day coming, they were right on time for some client e-blasts I had to prepare.

Here’s Terry White’s take on Adobe Max:

Until next time,

Get creative!

Isidra Person-Lynn

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