The world of tech gets “Ubuntu” and it is winning awards!

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UBUNTU is winning awards!

A tweet I received today was welcome good news:

Ubuntu Touch, Canonical’s new mobile OS, beat out Firefox OS to win the best of ‪#MWC13‬ from CNET ‪ ‬ ‪#ICYMI‬

But what is UBUNTU?

To quote the About Ubuntu page on the website (found here):
ubuntu |oǒ’boǒntoō|
Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The Ubuntu operating system brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the world of computers.
To quote Benjamin Mako Hill:
Ubuntu’s original name was, and I’m serious, “”
Finally, Mark settled on the name Ubuntu which he though represented the spirit of sharing and cooperation that he found appealing in Free Software.
And finally, to quote Mark Shuttleworth himself in the Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog announcement:
“Ubuntu” is an ancient African word for “humanity towards others”, and we think it’s a perfect name for an open source community project.
Hopefully, these quotes help clear up any confusion about the name, ‘Ubuntu’, that you might have had.”

So there you have it. No, the word does not mean African ownership. Wouldn’t that be nice? But do you remember the term for those African pendants from some years ago, you know ones with the gold Africa shapes with a black America inside? I believe they were called Ubuntu (But don’t quote me on that). I still have mine somewhere. Great concept for a high tech system making waves!

BTW, as I scoured the Internet for a pic of that African American necklace (gold shape Africa with Black shape of the United States inside) I could not find it but did find this and this.  Most interesting!


If you own or bought Beats by Dre headphones, read this:

This is a tale covered by Gizmodo about how NOT to try and take your tech company to the next level. Or, it’s just about how these headphones became the next big thing.


Where do you get your news on the net?


At the end of the day  I often feel the need for a quick news update but I do not like TV News because they still operate by “If it bleeds it leads.”  So I went to my friend, the Internet and typed in  Wondering now who paid for that website?  Well it was my friends over at CNET. (It transfers you here: And while their news is decidedly techie), where else would Isidra Gadget want to go?  Watch these nonstop news stories and leave a comment about what you think.

BTW, this photo has nothing to do with the story except that I wrote it, but since this template pulls from colors in my posted photo, I wanted to see if it would pull color for the clothes on the rack behind me or from my brown skin.



Bank of America now has the new Check Deposit Feature on your SmartPhone!

That is not an ad up there.  It’s a screenshot of a Bank of America site announcing this: The Bank of America website is now offering mobile banking for depositing checks.  And it is so easy!  Just go to your BofA App if you have an account there on your iPhone or other device, go to Deposits and you can now snap the front and back of the check and send it to your account. (Just make sure the check is well lit and is between the four corners on the screen! I always liked that feature on that other bank’s ads with the lion that goes to the bank.  Saves a run to the bank!

Update:  Caveat.  I have a bad habit that when someone hands me a check i stuff it in a purse which renders it useless for this app.  If it does not lay flat and if it is handwritten with a flourish signature that is unreadable, that may be a drawback to the phone’s camera recognizing the check. (Mine looked like hills and valleys and would not lay flat!) And then place the check in an envelope that says Cashed Electronically so you don’t look at it and say “Huh!  A Check I forgot to cash!”  Oh, am I the only one?


They are finally catching on.  Click to read how the conservatives did an end run and beat the Obama Camp at their hashtag game!  A lesson for us all…

Have you ever bought a promoted Tweet?  Had you ever considered it?  In a phone conversation this morning with Photographer Leroy Hamilton, I was told it is important to have your hashtag picked out before your event so you can announce it at the event.  If the event is big enough, BUY IT!


I threw this pic in of Pres. Obama speaking at Hampton University since our son graduated from there.