What is “phishing” all about?

Have you ever received an email from yourself and been so frustrated because you can’t track it back to the person who sent it?  Have you had friends call to say they received an email from you hawking Viagra, only to learn the phisher had invaded your email address book and sent the same thing to all of your friends?  Have you ever changed your password, only to have it happen again?  It’s time to learn more about Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) at “How Stuff Works.”


And just know that if you use iContact, Constant Contact, etc. for email campaigns, you too can Phish (but hopefully you will do it with permission.)  I do it for my clients all the time.  All you are doing is sending out an authorized e-Blast using their business email address.  Scammers can do the same thing unauthorized, which means your password to your account has NOTHING to do with it.  They are con artists and your friends are conned into thinking it is you so they open and click. Beware.  Now go to How tStuff Works and learn!


Social Media: Some New Things to Tell You About

Mark Luckie hipped us to “Storify” over the weekend.  You can go there and make a whole story out of relevant Tweets and Facebook

Never saw this. I like!

posts and You Tube.  Here is my first stab at one:  http://storify.com/isidra/black-men-speak-this-sunday-on-sunday-morning-live

Also:  Watch this seminar at Colombia University School of Journalism, even if you are not a journalist!

Great Resources for My Journalism Friends Trying to keep up with Social media: